This is a town of no-leaf peony, new booming coastal city of China, and key member in North Shanghai Economic Circle. With a long history, the district keeps the development paces with the times, so she always looks young. She has special charm for her harmonious innovation, scientific developments, nice habitation environment, and the bright future of large urban town and coastal developments.
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As one of member cities of Yangtze Delta Developing Group, Yancheng occupies a total area of 15thousand km2 and a population of 8.1million; as one of Chinese outstanding tourism cities, Yancheng has a title of “Eastern everglade capital, Green humid land” and two national nature reserves for red -crowned cranes and elk deer respectively; as a key auto production base of China, Yancheng has an auto project with a yearly production of 450thousand vehicles from Korean Hyundai Kia.
About Tinghu  
Tinghu is the main urban area and core district of Yancheng and acts as the political, economic and cultural center of Yancheng City. She has a total area of 896km2, a population of 900thousand, 9 governed towns, 7 subdistrict offices, 1 high and new scientific industry park, 1 provincial development zone and 1 provincial physical distribution park.
Booming Industrial District
Tinghu District has a leading place in Yancheng for her economic increase. The main economic parameters are among the best ones of her parallel areas in north Jiangsu. Industry here is advanced, service industry is booming and citied agriculture is a special feature.
Historic & Cultural District
Tinghu District, the key seedbed of Huaiju Opera and acrobatics, is well-known for its culture. Here are many human landscapes including the former residences of an ancient prime minister and an ancient calligraphist; the nationally largest N4A memorial site also stands here---Memorial for Re-established Military Headquarters of N4A and Taishan Temple, the former site of the re-establishment.
Nice Inhabitation & Business District
Tinghu is beautiful in her environment with Dayang Bay Sports & Leisure Garden and Yandu Park showing the image of “Hundred-River City”. 《The Latest Annual Investigation Report for Chinese Investable Environments》 issued by the
World Bank ranked the investing environment in Tinghu as A-grade area; in《Investigation Report for China Coastal Economy and Industries》, Tinghu was listed among the preferred districts for investors from Shanghai, Zhejiang and so on.
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